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unique design prevents costly delays in surgery by ensuring the integrity of sterilization wraps.


The Stopper’s

If a tray arrives at the Operating Room, an O.R. Nurse or technician inspects it, and if any tears, rips, or holes are found, the integrity of the sterilization wrap is

considered contaminated,

which can cause delays in the surgical case.

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Prevents costly damage

caused by holes, rips, and tears that commonly occur along the horizontal edges of heavy and sharp surgical trays.


Elevates the bottom

of the tray, eliminating holes, rips, and tears in the wrapped surgical trays, ensuring proper sterilization.


Enhances efficiency

by elevating the surgical tray for better air circulation, resulting in faster drying time and effective sterilant dispersion



with all sterilization methods including ETO, and Plasma sterilization.


Recyclable and environmentally

friendly, allowing you to prioritize sustainability without compromising the quality of the sterilization process.


Customizable Size

-can be easily cut to size, ensuring it meets your specific needs.



- low cost and multi-use, providing an affordable solution to prevent damage and ensure proper sterilization.

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The Stopper Foot and Corner Shield, Product Code: 


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