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Papoose Board™

for safe immobilization of patients of all sizes

olypmic papoose board empty






Small - Infants up to 24 months

Headstrap for Small Papoose Board

Regular - Children ages 2 to 6 years

Large - Children ages 6 to 12 years

Extra Large - Teenagers and Adults

The Trusted Choice

Olympic Papoose Boards™ have been trusted by thousands of hospitals, doctors, and dental offices worldwide. They are indispensable aids for safely immobilizing agitated patients during medical examinations or treatments. Rest assured that with our Papoose Boards, patient safety is always a top priority.

olympic papoose boards spread out to view all pieces

The Olympic Papoose Board™ is MRI Safe and with a metal-free design, a great selection for medical professionals to use during X-rays.

The Safety papoose board operates on the prevent splint principle of binding the child to a rigid board to suppress struggling, thus resulting in a clean scan for the medical professional. In addition, with its canvas flaps a medical professional can effortlessly restrain a patient, and the four arm-wrist straps can provide additional arm immobilization.

Utilizing selective restraint, the flaps can be open to scan the patient while they are still secure with the head and arm straps, all while providing great safety and security for the patient.

olympic papoose board with little child wrapped in it

The complete set includes
one board, a padded three tier flap set, a padded head strap, as well as 4 arm wrist straps. Weighing 3 lbs, the board is easy to move around and the hanging hole design results in easy storage. The Olympic Papoose Board™ for infants is 30′′ in length and 7′′ in width at its widest point. In addition, the latex free and MRI-safe design provides a comfortable experience for the patient.

Quick And Easy To Apply

  • Three sets of opposing canvas flaps with Velcro® fasteners fold over the patient’s body

  • The diagonal shape of each board causes the flaps to criss-cross, providing a snug fit

Easy To Clean

  • Simply wipe the board with liquid disinfectant or soap
    and water

  • Flap sets and arm straps can be machine washed or steamed sterilized

Papoose Board™

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Papoose Board™


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Papoose Board™

Instruction For Use

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