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Provides a safe environment for healthy development

CHS USA yellow MiniMuffs noise attenuators

By reducing noise levels, MiniMuffs® noise

attenuators result in potentially longer

periods of sleep time, optimal oxygenation

and improved physiological stability.

Provides a

“quiet hour”

for premature babies in the NICU

a sleeping premature infant wearing bright yellow CHS USA MiniMuffs for noise reduction.

Ideal during special patient care procedures and transport

  • Protects the sensitive ears of babies under ventilation.

  • Reduces disruptive noise associated with transfer of infants to different hospital units and provides a quieter environment during transport in emergency vehicles.

Safe and Comfortable

  • Fits comfortably around the baby’s ears with a soft foam oval-shaped design and gentle hydrogel adhesive.

  • Meets infection control standards through single-patient use design.

minimuffs packaging

36 individually wrapped pairs per box


0.31 x 1.125 x 1.375 in.

MiniMuffs® Product Code: 


MiniMuffs® Sell Sheet

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