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closeup of person using an OraSwab on a baby


Give your babies the comfort they deserve with our gentle foam tip applicator.

Our soft and soothing foam gently cleans their delicate gums and teeth, making it an enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

a couple of oraswab and one demonstrating the inside of the cotton

Comfortable foam and cotton tip for extra absorbency

baby-doll-mouth-being-swabbed with an oraswab

Babies Enjoy It

Caregivers have reported that babies find the gentle swabbing action enjoyable.

Administering oral care is a quick process, typically taking only a few minutes during touch time, once per shift, or as needed (please ensure compliance with your hospital's protocol).

Oral care offers a valuable opportunity for proactive family involvement when the family, staff, and the baby are ready.

Parents often become capable of performing the oral care protocol themselves, allowing them to actively participate in their baby's care.

  • The foam tip applicator is both soft and safe, making it an ideal choice for your oral care needs.

  • General cleaning and the removal of bacteria using a solution.

  • Applicators come in two convenient sizes:

  • extra-small (6mm wide) and small (9mm wide).


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