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Experience The Power Of

Olympic Circumstraint™
& Papoose Board™

Your Trusted Solution For Patient Immobilization

We understand that dealing with agitated patients can be challenging. Our products provide a safe immobilization solution that ensures the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals throughout various medical procedures.

olympic circumstraints with a doll on it



Unmatched versatility for various procedures

Time is of the essence in medical settings which is why our Olympic Circumstraint™ and Papoose Board™ are quick and easy to apply. 

olympic papoose board with child in it


Papoose Board™

for safe immobilization of patients of all sizes

Patient Comfort is Our Priority

We know that patient comfort is paramount in any medical setting. That's why our Olympic Circumstraint™ and Papoose Board™ are designed with utmost attention to detail.

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