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Disposable Cover


for mamaRoo® Infant Swings

Disposable Cover

colour option

colour option

Finally a disposable cover that protects swings and rockers and makes clean-up easy!

• Eliminates time-consuming swing clean-up.

Helps protect swings and rocker beds from moisture and stains.

Helps protect babies from cross-contamination and comply with infection control guidelines.

Soft, comfortable and quiet, even when baby moves.

Same material as used for surgical scrubs.

Supports babies with or without swaddle wraps.

Works with or without the mamaRoo® mobile arm.

Cover may be used for baby’s length of stay if material is not compromised.

Single patient use

Medical grade, breathable, waterproof fabric

100 percent polypropylene


Fits the mamaRoo® classic and many other swings and rockers used in the NICU and special care nursery


Medical grade, breathable, waterproof fabric. 100 percent polypropylene cover. Latex-free. Fabric meets AAMI PB70 Level 3 testing. Single-patient use, disposable. For hospital and home use. Do not leave baby unattended in swings or rockers. Manufactured in the USA.

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Disposable Cover mamaRoo®-infant swings



Disposable Cover mamaRoo®-infant swings


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Rockers and swings are widely used but it’s time consuming to thoroughly clean and prevent cross-contamination. CoverMe disposable covers solve that and more. Now you can easily offer the comfort of swaddling and rocking to NAS babies and other babies who need the comfort of a swing.

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