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surgilance sterile lancet box

SurgiLance™ Sterile Lancet

Making glucose testing easier and safer, one drop at a time.



SurgiLance™ Lancet 1.8mm dpt (g21)

SurgiLance™ Lancet 1.0mm dpt (g21)



surgilance sterile lancet yellow lying horizontal

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of large lancets for collecting a tiny sample of blood. Our single-use needle retracts safely into the plastic body, locking securely after each use, ensuring optimal hygiene and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Produces a single drop of blood for glucose testing.

beautiful sweet newborn baby sleeping
  • Produces a single drop of blood for glucose testing.

  • Automatically fires at the correct pressure to collect the precise sample size required for glucose testing.

  • SurgiLance™ and NeatNick® make for ideal companions for all newborn blood draws.

  • Designed with the patient inmind.

The use of the right pressure and controlled needle depth minimizes discomfort during the procedure.

Select a 1.0 mm depth for preemies 
a 1.8 mm depth for full-term 


surgilance sterile lancet being used on baby foot

Smart by design

SurgiLance™ provides an adequate sample for glucose testing. Eliminate the need for a large lancet to collect a small sample.

The single-use needle retracts into the plastic body and

locks after each patient use.

SurgiLance™ Product Code: 

#1040041 #1040043

SurgiLance™ Sell Sheet

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