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Unmatched versatility for various procedures

olympic circumstraints empty

Versatile And Easy To Use

Olympic Circumstraint™ is designed to provide optimal support during circumcisions, transfusions, minor surgeries, x-rays, scalp IVs, and other medical procedures. With their adjustable features, they ensure precision and comfort for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Comfortable molded shape elevates hips and presents genitalia for procedure

Perfect for x-rays — minimizes movement, no artifact

Molded head contour
exposes scalp for IVs


adjustable straps securely hold infant at elbows and knees

Durable plastic construction ensures years of use


Height x Width x Depth
25.25 x 13 x 3.5 in (64.5 x 33 x 8.9 cm)

Weight: 140lbs (63.5 kg)

olympic circumstraints with doll in it

Olympic Circumstraint™ #50100
Ships with VELCRO straps included

Olympic Circumstraint™
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Olympic Circumstraint™

Sell Sheet

Olympic Circumstraint™

Instructions For Use

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