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save the gonads four sizes

Protecting the most vulnerable

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Save the Gonads™ X-ray Shields

Save the Gonads X-ray Shields are specifically designed to protect the reproductive organs of babies receiving X-rays.


Composed of 1mm thick lead to protect babies' gonads from the harmful radiation associated with X-rays, these shields are designed for single-patient use and give babies comfort and flexibility.


The small, lightweight design and soft satin cover ensure comfort for baby's fragile skin. The unique heart shape allows placement on both females and males - upward for girls and downward for boys.


Each shield can be cleaned with alcohol between X-rays and can be used repeatedly on the same baby.

save the gonads different sizes

Sizes to Suit Every Need

We offer our shields in four different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for premature infants of all shapes and sizes. Rest assured, our products are designed with precision and consideration.

  • Specifically to address the premature infants special needs

  • Moldable 1 mm lead shield

  • Encased in a soft satin latex free covering

  • Heart shaped and designed to be used for both sexes

  • The heart lobes are up for girls to protect ovaries, down for boys to protect testicles

  • Easily cleansed with alcohol and is reusable for a single patient

  • Economical

  • Effective protection for both sexes

  • Available in 4 Sizes

  • Designed for individual use with Infection Control in mind

  • Leaves a heart shape on x-rays to show you care


save the gonads xray male placement

Lobes Down for Boys

save the gonads xray female placement

Lobes Up for Girls

Premium Quality and Reusability

Our shields are crafted with utmost care using high-quality materials that can be easily cleansed with alcohol and reused for a single patient.

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Save the Gonads™
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Save the Gonads Sample Pack includes:

3 x NanoPreemie, 3 x MicroPreemie, 3 x Preemie, 1 x Newborn

Save The Gonads™
Sell Sheet

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Save The Gonads™

Save The Gonads™

Save The Gonads™

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