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surgeon handling sterile equipment
the stopper

Cleaning Instructions
For The Stopper

Point of Use:

Remove soil with disposable cloth/paper wipe.


Equipment:  Detergent, brush, running water


Use only neutral (6.0-7.5) pH solutions, mildly alkaline and free of sodium carbonate to avoid damaging product.  DO NOT USE scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.

Gross Decontamination:

Remove all visible soil and contaminates using a soft bristle brush.  The entire product should be immersed while cleaning to aid in the removal of contaminates and to reduce splashing of detergent on personnel.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove all detergent.  See rinsing instructions on the detergent label.

Automated Washer:

Pre-Wash 1 & 2

Re-circulation Time  2 minutes

Water Temperature  Cold Tap Water


Enzyme Wash:  (1 oz/gal)

Soaking Time  4 minutes

Water Temperature  Hot Tap Water


Wash 1: 

Re-circulation Time  15 minutes

Water Temperature  Heated at 65.5ºC


Rinse 1 & 2

Re-circulation Time  5 minutes

Water Temperature  Hot Tap Water

Download The Stoppers Cleaning Instructions here:

Steam Pre-Vacuum Validation:

  • Temperature - 270 Degrees F (132 Degrees C)

  • Exposure Time - 4 Minutes

  • Dry Time- 30 Minutes

Steam Gravity Validation:

  • Temperature - 250 Degrees F (121 Degrees C)

  • Exposure Time- 30 Minutes

  • Dry Time- 30 Minutes

Steam Sterilization Parameters

The recommended sterilization parameters for the Stopper Corner Shields, product code: 7100

Steam Gravity Validation Report

the stopper

Steam Pre-vacuum Validation Report

Sterrad 100S
Validation Report


size and dimensions of the stopper

3.43 inches
8.7 cm

2.66 inches
6.76 cm

surgeon handling sterile equipment

Protecting the integrity of the sterilization wrap avoiding  contaminated

the stopper

The Stopper Foot and Corner Shield, Product Code: 


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