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the stopper

Instructions For Use For The Stopper

  • Place surgical tray on top of desired sterile wrap.

  • Lift each bottom comer of surgical tray and slide the Stopper under the foot and/or comer of tray.

  • Make sure the edge guards fit up against the surgical tray. The edge-guards will not fit flush against the tray because of the dimples/studs inside of the edge guards. These dimples/studs allow for complete circulation of the sterilizing agent into the comers of the surgical tray.

  • Repeat the above only invert the Stopper to the top comers of the tray.

  • After the Stopper has been applied to all comers, continue to wrap the surgical tray as per hospital/clinic/surgery center protocol.

Download The Stopper IFU:

the stopper

The Stopper Foot and Corner Shield, Product Code: 


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